In our latest Keeping you Posted blog, we’ve taken a look at Facebook’s war on spam content, Twitter’s new look and the Snapchat update that has everyone talking.

 Facebook fights back against Fake News

The social media platform has come in for a lot of negative press for its role in the spreading of unreliable content, but a host of recent changes are trying to address that.

Facebook will stop posts linking to ‘low quality content’ being posted onto your feed via a new algorithm which targets pages that share up to 50 posts a day from unreliable sources.

In a further step, users are no longer able to manually edit the headlines and descriptions of links they share in a move to stop the distortion of news and subsequent spread of false information.

These changes won’t stop fake news for good, but it’s a significant step towards improving the overall quality of the information on your average Facebook feed.

A new look for Twitter

 Thursday 15 June marked a new era for Twitter as the app sent a major revamp of its design live.

The changes include a font redesign, a speech bubble icon for replying to a tweet, live updates on retweets and like counts and perhaps the biggest of all; circular profile pictures.

Twitter says the changes make the app feel ‘lighter and faster’ for users, but not everyone was happy the new look.

Unlike the changes to its algorithm last year, the latest update is cosmetic but remains geared towards Twitter’s aim of increasing its stagnant users numbers.

Snapchat launches Snapchat Maps

With Instagram’s stories feature fast threatening Snapchat’s appeal, the app has introduced a new tool which tracks you and your friend’s locations.

Linking with bitmoji, a Snapchat-owned app where you create an avatar akin to your own appearance, Snapchat Maps shows where you and often what you’re doing.

As long as your location settings are turned on, the app tracks your movements and shows whether you’re sleeping, driving, listening to music or catching a plane.

The feature lets users connect with their friends by giving them exact information on their whereabouts, but concerns have been raised about the safety of having your location live to everyone.

Tip: If you don’t want everyone to see where you are, simply turn on ‘ghost mode’ in the settings found at the top right corner of the map.