Company administrator and often the first voice you’ll hear on the phone when you ring Outwrite, Jill Lloyd, has now been with the agency for three years.

And while her third year has been very different to her first two, her unflappable manner and good humour have helped ensure Outwrite steers a steady course through the turbulence of social distancing, home working and lockdowns.

Jill said: “One of my roles at the bank was customer services manager for agricultural finance, and I did that through both Foot and Mouth and BSE which was at times very stressful, but also rewarding to be able to help people to deal with difficult times.

“The pandemic is most likely to be one of the biggest challenges that any of us have faced in our lives and it has shown us how we can create workarounds to ensure we can still get the job done in a friendly and professional way.

“One part of my job is looking at risk assessments, and making sure the building was fully ready for everyone to return to the workplace. Being remote for that can be a bit tricky sometimes, but the whole team provided support. Teamwork is definitely key at Outwrite!”

The changes have made the working experience more difficult in some ways, but Jill believes her Outwrite colleagues have responded really well.

Jill continued: “We’ve always had the facility to be able to work from home, which has meant we weren’t starting from zero when we needed to do so more regularly.

“Communication has never been more vital, and Zoom is our new best friend!  It’s been really important to make sure everyone has what they need to be able to work remotely effectively, with ease and still feel part of the team. Everyone’s health and wellbeing is a priority more than ever right now.

“During the various lockdowns, we’ve done Zoom quizzes on a Friday afternoon, and we have frequent business updates as well. That was often stuff I’d usually just hear around the office under normal circumstances, but now everybody is missing out on those extra bits around your own work, so it’s important to do something to make sure everyone feels involved and part of the team.”

“I’m looking forward to what this year will bring, and I’m hoping my four year anniversary will look very different to this, bringing a new sense of normal back to the office.”