One of Britain’s top fashion retailers went against the grain with its Christmas catalogue launch, launching it on Snapchat.

While most retailers continue to opt for the traditional festive methods including TV adverts, Jack Wills took an interesting approach focusing on the message-deleting app.

The retailer could be seen as taking a bold move, with few other companies trying out the app, especially for such a crucial sales period.

Yet there is a strategy behind this, with the Snapchat story reminding users to ‘screenshot their favourite items’ in an easy way to pick their Christmas wish list.

Jack Wills releasing their catalogue on the app is a clear attempt to boost interest from a younger demographic, with many millennials using Snapchat daily.

Launching four years ago, the app gives users the ability to take temporary ‘snaps’ before they are deleted permanently. It continues to grow in popularity, with more than 700 million photos and videos sent each day.

The social media platform has seen a significant increase in brand usage with news agencies, retailers and sports clubs all getting involved.

It’s too early to tell if Jack Wills’ campaign will be a success, but it’s certainly one to keep an eye on.