Instagram is an exciting place for both consumers and businesses. What at first appeared to be a great platform to share pictures of your cat or tonight’s tea has now evolved into a playground for marketing and PR professionals to push brands through hashtags, live stories and location tags.

Figures show 200 million ‘Instagrammers’ visit business profiles every day, with 80 per cent of users following a brand or business. Therefore, businesses cannot afford to be shy on the app.

Here are 5 top tips for being a successful brand on Instagram:

  1. Canva

Canva is a simple fiddle-free website where you can create your own graphics to publish eye-catching visual content. Choose a theme for consistency so your followers know what to expect from you online.

  1. #s

Take a look at which hashtags are being used in your industry and their popularity. It’s also worthwhile to check their relevance, as sometimes a popular hashtag can be cluttered with unrelated posts, meaning your content will be buried within it.

  1. Feed vs. Story

Think about what your followers want to see and what will attract new fans. Your account will be judged by a perspective follower in the first few posts, so make sure you stand out. Typically, you will share day-to-day activities in your story.

  1. Interact and become part of a community

Engage with other accounts – remember, it’s called social media, so be social! Respond with meaningful comments to build and enhance your relationships.

  1. Be select with who you follow

You may be tempted to mass follow in your first few weeks on Instagram in order to gain followers. Don’t. Your Instagram feed will become clogged with accounts you don’t really care about and you’re more likely to miss things you’re interested in, as well as opportunities to interact with your community.

Good luck!