Do you host or attend events and rarely post on social media?

Sharing content on the likes of Instagram and Twitter is a way to raise brand awareness as well as secure interaction from attendees and those who are watching the event unfold online.

Creating a buzz around your seminar or workshop will also help bookings at future events by showing how successful this one was. In addition, regular engagement, for example, tagging relevant accounts and creating exposure for them provides a benefit for guests, resulting in more brands showing an interest in attending next time.

Here’s how we used social media during our 25th anniversary PR and marketing conference for charities.

1. Photos

Posts with visuals are 10 times more likely to gain attention and receive engagement. Good examples include guests networking, attendees listening intently to a speaker and the food (cake is very popular!) In addition, a concise caption with emojis and gifs help to make your content more attractive and succinct.

2. #s

Many social media users conduct research through hashtags. Using relevant or creating a new hashtag for your event can create a community for you to interact with or allow you to be discovered by those with the same interests. We used #OutwritePR25 and asked those who attended to use the hashtag when talking about us on social media.

3. Live updates
Post images and text updates of what’s happening. For example, if your event involves speakers, describe the topic and let people know who is coming on next. Also tag the relevant people so they can engage.

4. Interact

Engage by replying and liking posts shared by other people to show you’re an actual human with a personality and not a robot churning out programmed emotionless content.

In addition, use events to network on social media. Whether you are a guest or an organiser, shouting out to your followers who you’re with or where you are is a great way to be retweeted or reposted by the venue, organisers or attendees. This highlights your profile to other users.

5. Handouts

What handout can you offer attendees that they can show off on social media? Be creative. For example, infographics with your free tips on it could attract new business from those who share it on social media.

An element of our 25th charity conference was social media, so we created infographics with free social media tips.

For something more edible that is always shared online, if it’s an anniversary, you could hand out cupcakes with your logo and hashtag on it.