Communicating key messages and success stories can get lost in the digital noise in today’s world. Repurposing content and sharing the story across multiple channels through integrated PR allows brands to connect with their target audiences in multiple places.

For one of our clients, it wanted to know how to raise its profile in North Wales where its clientele is based.

David Roberts is a business coach and advisor from The Alternative Board (TAB) and supports business leaders through one-to-one sessions, workshops and peer-to-peer board meetings.

As part of our PR activity, we suggested a multimedia case study including press release, news-style video interview and social media support.

We agreed on the TAB client to focus on, Adam Butler from Adam Butler Recruitment Consultancy, and sent questions to him in advance so he could prepare.

On the day of filming, we commissioned press photography to take images of David and Adam together to issue with the press release. We also used these shots as overlays on the video case study we produced.

Once we had finished editing the footage into the main video, which was approx. two minutes long, we repurposed the content into smaller clips which both Adam and David could share on their individual social media accounts with key questions such as ‘What do The Alternative Board meetings involve?’.

We interviewed David off-camera and together with quotes and information from Adam’s video interview, we drafted the press release in a journalistic style.

We then distributed the press release and the video to the media along with the press pictures taken on the day of filming. This gave the journalists a range of media to choose from when publishing the story.

Finally, to help David and Adam share the articles and gain more exposure, we provided them with social media guidance with proposed content.

You can see the case study in The Leader and on News From Wales.