An increasing number of foodservice wholesalers are adding Instagram into their marketing mix – yet many are unsure how to unlock its potential.


Follow these tips to stand out from the crowd online.



  1. Instagram takeover


An Instagram takeover lets your clients show off what they create with your food and drink products. It’s a fun feature and not only displays your range in action, but the relationships you have built with your clients. Encourage the brand doing the takeover to share it on their own social media channels, too.


  1. Share recipes


Inspire chefs and caterers with tasty recipes. Busy foodservice professionals crave knowing how to create multiple menu ideas with the same core product(s) but lack the time to research. Support them with suggestions to build relationships with your customers.


  1. Showcase your speciality


Whether you specialise in Mexican food or supply every food known to man, you can spread the word on Instagram. If you specialise in Mexican, why not use Mexican colours for your theme on Instagram and share relevant menu ideas or fun facts about the cuisine. Alternatively, if you supply a wide range of products, one method to show off your variety is dedicating one row of your feed to fish, one row to chicken, one row to vegan, and so on.


  1. Create a brand identity with a colour scheme


Allow Instagram users to easily identify your posts and stand out from the crowd by creating a brand identity. You can do this by choosing a colour scheme or using a posting pattern on your page, e.g. photo, video, photo. Here’s an extra tip, check out Canva to design your posts, they make simple photos pop and you can use your colour scheme.


  1. Engage!


We cannot stress this point enough. Infiltrate the catering community by posting meaningful comments on posts on related accounts, research the popular and not-so popular hashtags being used and use them on your posts to gain exposure and make sure you reply to DMs and comments. You will gain followers as people see you become an active member of the community.

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