Used correctly, Google Analytics opens up an entire world of information about your customer base that you never previously knew.

More importantly, implementing actions off the back of these findings can boost your sales.

Here is a run through of some key dos and don’ts when it comes to analysing your website’s visitors.

Do act on your findings.  An effective SEO strategy will increase the number of relevant visitors to your site.

Don’t just use the top-level stats.  When you first log in to Google Analytics you are greeted with a pie chart and information on number of visitors, average time spent on the site etc.

Did you know: If your website is the default homepage on a computer, every time the internet is accessed, it will count as a visit.  This type of setting skews the figures, especially if the entire workforce has this setting in place.

Do dig deep into the analytics and interpret the stats. What keywords are driving traffic to your website? What actions do those visitors then take?  Those keywords that you thought were relevant, are they actually attracting relevant visitors?

Don’t review the stats once, implement changes, and then leave it.  Google is constantly changing to ensure that searchers have an enjoyable and issue-free experience online.  Not only does Google change its algorithm from time to time, customer behaviour changes, too.

Both of these can lead to a decrease in visitors. Monitor the analytics on an ongoing basis to ensure your website stays ahead of your competitors’ sites.

Do link the analytics to your other online activity. Set-up correctly, you can link your analytics to your email marketing, PPC and e-commerce campaigns.  What impact are these areas of your marketing plan having on your website visitors?