This post first appeared in Anthony Bullick’s Daily Post column

A creative approach to encouraging third parties to shout about how wonderful you are can significantly boost your reputation.

The standard tactic of a two-sentence testimonial published on a ‘what our customers say’ page on your website is not enough in today’s multi-channel world.

Crucially, it’s also not enough to grab attention or inform an opinion in isolation.

Whether directly or indirectly, there are a number of options for brands looking to build trust with their target audiences.

Case studies are another popular method of showcasing your expertise, but often the basic write-up has one paragraph each for the objective, what you did, and the outcome.

Expand on this foundation to tell a story to help people resonate with and remember your work.

Write it in a journalistic style by placing the result of your activity, which is the actual news element, in the intro and share with relevant media including local, regional, national, and industry-specific titles.

Securing editorial coverage adds huge credibility, as the editor will not run the article if it’s not a strong enough story.

This means you have two independent organisations, the media and your client, being positive about your business.

Consider filming and editing a short news-style clip of your customer discussing the outcome of their relationship with you; video consumption continues to increase, with individuals commonly preferring to watch information as opposed to reading it.

Ask your client to share all content across their own platforms in order to reach their audience, which may overlap with your own target market.

Publish it on your website in prominent positions: as well as an entire page dedicated to your projects, sprinkle them throughout the site on your most visited pages such as services or products.

Uploading to your site also boosts your visibility in search results (search engine optimisation, SEO), which means Google is more likely to recommend your company when people type in specific phrases.

Securing online coverage from trusted third parties such as the media also enhances your digital footprint, both in pushing your own site up the rankings as well as an increase in website search results when people search for your brand.

If a particular case study performs well either earning media coverage, attracting visitors (review your Google Analytics) or gained lots of clicks in your email marketing, integrate it with your paid social media efforts to place the content in front of a targeted audience.