Your LinkedIn profile is viewed by current and prospective clients. That’s a fact. Whenever you make a new connection, users invariably check you out to find out more. Sharing a status update and commenting or liking a post are also catalysts for people to delve into your profile.

But you don’t have to be active on the social media platform for people to read your online CV: simply having a work anniversary flags up your profile to the people you are connected to.

Follow these steps to ensure that whenever someone reviews you on LinkedIn, they are left with a positive opinion about you.

Firstly, ensure all the basic information is filled in and correct: have a good clear head and shoulders photo of yourself, include your company name and position, and consider using letters after your name if applicable eg MCIPR, MCIM, MCIPD.

Keep your summary short and aim for 250 words. If it’s too long people will be put off from starting to read it. If it’s too short, you run the risk of underselling yourself. Use bullet points to convey your strongest key messages and achievements. In addition, insert any supporting videos, presentations or PDFs.

Give a brief overview of your role and current responsibilities to help the reader understand what it is you actually do. Talk about historic successes in previous jobs.

Pick between three and five of your standout pieces of work and display them on your profile in the projects section. Draft a title that will grab attention and influence the user to read more.

Extra curricular activity and the type of activities you do in your spare time can help build personal relationships. Share your volunteering experiences including work with charities as well as any involvement with business or industry organisations such as being on the committees for the Institute of Directors or Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

In addition, include any qualifications and share accomplishments such as award wins to help set you apart from your competitors.

Ask five key contacts to leave a recommendation for you: third party endorsements are one of the most impactful elements of the decision making process. Influential businesspeople talking positively about you will go a long way to shining the spotlight brightly on you.

Similarly, ensure your most important skills are on your profile. Being active on LinkedIn will result in people endorsing you for these skills, again enhancing your reputation.