A total of 24.9m tweets were sent during the recent Super Bowl XLVIII, with 90 per cent of activity emanating from a mobile device.

Brands involved with American football’s showpiece finale had digital as the focal point in their campaigns in an attempt to drive online attention to their content.

In 2013, approximately 20 per cent of all internet traffic took place on a smartphone or tablet, and 46 per cent of all online users bought from a company they were engaged with on social media.

Fusing digital into your ongoing marketing activity is now crucial to winning new, and retaining current, customers.

Simply having a social media presence is not enough. A well thought through strategy that includes a strong content plan is key.  It’s not just your business that will be attempting to contact your customers; your competitors and organisations from other sectors will also be vying for attention.

Not feeling engaged with a business on social media is one of the biggest causes of individuals unfollowing accounts.

It follows that providing relevant and engaging content to your followers will help you to stand out from the crowd. Start by researching what questions and queries your customers have that are related to your products or services.

Use your social media accounts to answer them, preferably with a link to your website that offers a more in-depth response, contained within, for example, a blog post, infographic or video.

A website that does not display correctly on a mobile device is the number one reason why people exit. With social referrals and general internet traffic taking place on mobile predicted to surpass desktop browsing within three years, a website not optimised for smartphones and tablets will result in less interaction and, ultimately, fewer conversions.

Responsive web design and mobile friendly content will leave your business well placed for digital engagement.  A responsive website will re-size itself to display correctly whether the visitor is on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, while content built with mobile in mind will garner more attention.

Digital activity run in conjunction with the rest of your marketing campaign will produce far greater results than if carried out in isolation. Delivering your key messages consistently, through all communication channels, will find their way to customers offline, as well as the ever-increasing online audience.