Varying content on your website leads to more engagement with web visitors and increases your visibility in search results.

Previously we reviewed written tactics and visual content.

This final article rounds up other forms of content that will attract and retain visitors on your site.

How-to guides

Of all searches made online, 80 per cent of users look for information or advice.  How do I train for a marathon? How do I fill in my tax returns? What should I include in my will?

How-to guides are perfectly placed to answer the questions that your customers have.  Make the content guide relevant, clear and concise. Using a mix of copy and images will ensure that it appeals to a wider audience.

Making the document downloadable, such as a PDF, will allow your customers to save it to their device and use it offline.

White papers

Not all visitors look for short and easy-to-consume content. For those seeking longer, in-depth information, white papers may be the ideal resource.

A white paper is meant to be thought leading and to position its author as an expert in his or her industry. It may run over several pages, cover the topic in depth and contain useful facts, diagrams, charts and tables.  Avoid selling messages, as a white paper is intended to inform and share knowledge.

Make sure to back up your stats and facts by including a link to its source, such as a URL.

The content of a white paper can be recycled, with extracts taken for other marketing material such as blog posts, press releases and e-newsletters. All of these can then be shared on social media.


Similar to white papers, e-books consist of lots of pages of highly useful information that is relevant to your target audience.

Whereas white papers are copy heavy, e-books are more visual, with text delivered in bite-size chunks.

Much like the white paper, the aim of an e-book is to educate, as opposed to selling your products or services.  Research common questions customers have about your business or product.  Provide answers as concise, jargon-free sentences that positions the author as an industry leader.

Finally: whichever resource you decide to offer, enable the visitor to find it easily: positioning it prominently on your site will maximise the number of viewers and exposure of your brand.