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The key to effective SEO is to focus on delivering relevant and engaging content.

Clever content informs customers. An accurate and informative website will be regarded as a trusted and authoritative source, and in turn be rewarded with a higher ranking in the search engines.

Google judges all of your content, whether it be your web copy, infographics, blogs, latest news sections, photos or videos.

In the first of three blog posts looking at how to ensure you have a diverse range of content, we focus on some of the written tactics that make your site a resource customers keep returning to.

Firstly, before you begin creating content, find out what your customers want to know with keyword research.


This is the most common method used by businesses to offer tips and advice to customers online.  Blogs are a quick and easy way to communicate with your target audience.  With a blog you can be topical and first to comment on an emerging issue.

Keep the copy concise and to the point.  Stay clear of using jargon and have a second pair of eyes check for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

Latest news for SEO

Between them, your customers will have an array of questions, so you should never run out of topics. Don’t blog for the sake of blogging though, because irrelevant and uninformative posts will not get read. Your site would gain a reputation for being unhelpful and your visitors will soon migrate to a better one.

Latest news

A latest news section helps to inform your target customers about the company, its values, and products. It’s a good way subtly to work key marketing messages into news of the day.

Every organisation has news worth telling, yours included.  For example, contract wins, new employees and CSR or charity work will all be of interest to your customers.

When drafting a news article, answer the who, what, when, where, why and how of the story.  Get to the point quickly and don’t forget a suitable picture that helps to tell the story.

Web copy – product pages

When you review your Google Analytics, do you find that a certain product or service has a high number of visitors but a low conversion rate? It could be a lack of information.

Often, product or service descriptions are incomplete, which can put off potential customers who are left looking for missing information.

When drafting product copy, assume you are informing a first-time customer and he or she knows next to nothing.

Details such as price, sizes, colours, testimonials, ordering procedure, availability, delivery times and case studies should be listed clearly and concisely.

This thorough approach to web copy applies to all pages throughout the site, from the home page through to the contact section.