This post first appeared in Anthony Bullick’s Daily Post column

Thought leadership can position you and your brand as an expert in your respective field, but there is a fine line between achieving that and turning off your targeted audiences.

People are savvier than ever when it comes to sniffing out a sales pitch.

Whether it’s a column in a third-party publication, expert commentary on your own website or other external communications, the same principle applies: add value.

Thought leadership can at first have the ring of a meaningless buzz phrase, but it’s about putting your best foot forward as an expert, an innovator and as someone reliable in their pursuit of best practice for the benefit of their clients and other stakeholders.

Share worthwhile, educational and informative content to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

There are a variety of methods to accomplish this.

Liaise with journalists at sector-specific publications to contribute to upcoming features, which could include technical matters or noticeable trends.

The same media outlets, as well as other relevant titles, may also be interested in an opinion piece on a topic that will be of interest to their readers and generate conversations.

Keep sentences short and sharp, and get to the point quickly. People want the value you are adding so avoid any waffling at the start.

Repurpose any media coverage on your own channels. People may miss the actual article and shouting about it on your website and social media increases the chances of key stakeholders being aware of it.

Another effective tactic to showcase your expertise is via how-to guides such as video or e-books.

To identify the best subject areas to discuss, speak to your internal teams about frequently asked questions and review your website’s analytics to discover the most popular content.

Share the content across your site and other owned channels including social media and email.

Integrate this PR activity in with your SEO (search engine optimisation) to ensure when people search for your brand online, they have a good chance of spotting the expert commentary.

In addition, positioning yourself as a trusted authority will provide wider SEO benefits to enhance your visibility in search results.

Include LinkedIn in your thought leadership strategy, too.

Submit the copy as articles on the platform, share as a post and publish links in key groups. Your opinions and thoughts can help solve someone’s problem.