Outwrite’s PR and online specialist Anthony Bullick was in the spotlight as he tackled questions on PR and online marketing in a live Q+A.

Sitting in the hot seat for the Daily Post’s Ask the Expert feature, Anthony shared his expertise with the online audience.

Topics ranged from identifying newsworthy stories for press releases to using SEO to attract visitors to a website.

The live blog was then featured the following day in the North Wales newspaper.  A sample from the Q+A:

Q – How do I know if one of my business stories is worth sending to the papers?

A – The easy answer to this is to read the news on a regular basis. As a PR agency we constantly digest local, regional and national news. This, coupled with the fact that our account executives are all qualified and former journalists who know what the media wants, helps us form an opinion about whether a story is newsworthy before we issue it.
Obviously not everyone can be a former journalist but everyone can still take in the news. Have a look at what type of stories make it into the publications you are targeting. I note that you said ‘papers’ – don’t neglect the online world and broadcast media.

To read the full Q+A click here.

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