Blogs have been around for a few years now, and in some ways have slipped down the social media pecking order, due to the rising popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter.

However, done properly, blogging can be a great way of boosting your Google rankings and attracting traffic to your website, as well as complementing other social media activities.

A popular blog will also help to position you as an expert in your field and, like all social media, get across the human side of your company.

Here we list some basic tips that will put you on the road to blogging success.

1)    WordPress is an easy-to-use blog tool and publishing platform that requires no expertise when uploading new blog posts. It can be added to your existing website as a bolt-on relatively easily

2)    Adopt an informal, conversational tone. A blog post has different aims to a press release and should entertain, as well as inform the reader

3)    Use your expertise and write about issues you are familiar with. This could be anything from industry developments to internal staff news

4)    Avoid overt self promotion. As with all social media, this can be a turn off

5)    Get into a routine of updating your blog regularly. This will help aid search engine optimisation, increasing the visibility of – and therefore traffic to – your site

6)    Allow comments on your posts and reply to them. This will create a sense of a two-way conversation with readers

7)    Include hyperlinks to other parts of your website and also to other sites. Again, this will increase the visibility of your blog on Google and other search engines. However, be careful not to go overboard by littering a post with  links to your site in every sentence

8)    Keep the posts short and snappy – 200 words is usually plenty

9)    Advertise your blog prominently on the homepage of your website

If you are struggling for inspiration, use some content from other marketing materials such as your company’s newsletters and e-newsletters as the basis for a blog if appropriate

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