Our integrated PR and SEO elevates your business’ brand more than ever before.

Choosing an SEO agency is a tricky task.

Or is it? We argue that Google has made it simpler for businesses to pick a search marketing partner.

Google’s well-documented changes to how it ranks websites have placed content front and centre: perfect for a PR agency with more than 20 years’ experience of delivering high-quality content.

Do you want a better position in search engine results? What about attracting more relevant traffic to your website? Does your conversion rate need increasing?

At Outwrite, we have the ideal combination of in-house content creators and online strategy expertise to give you the optimum online marketing mix.

Some of our team have been specialising in search marketing before Google, so we have a proven track record.

Outwrite produces bespoke SEO strategies – there isn’t a one-size fits all approach when marketing your site.

We stay up to date with the all the latest changes in the way that search engines rank websites. This knowledge is used to keep your website as close to the top of the rankings as possible.

Your stakeholders consume information in a variety of ways, so it is vital to have a range of content on your site. We specialise in communicating through a range of mediums, from the written word eg blog posts and latest news, to visuals eg infographics and video.

As well as drive relevant customers to your site, we influence their decision making once they are there so that you achieve your online goals.

We provide website content for individual businesses as well as for SEO agencies on behalf of their clients.

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Why trust Outwrite with your integrated PR and SEO?

As well as award-winning integrated campaigns, our knowledge and expertise is recognised by Google.

In Google searches for the phrase ‘integrated PR and SEO’, there are two pages from the Outwrite website that rank on page one of the results. And we are the highest ranked SEO and PR agency in the UK for that phrase, too.

Admittedly, it can be difficult to see where PR ends and SEO begins. And that’s before you throw social media into the mix as well.

The brand building industry, whether offline or online, is constantly evolving. How it looks today will be different in 18 months. Fortunately for you, we keep up to date with latest techniques, to stay ahead of the curve.

We make you visible in print, online and in search results. Using digital PR, social media and SEO, we position your brand as an expert.

Content is at the heart of everything and we know how to engage an audience: we’ve been enhancing reputations for more than 20 years.

Expert commentary

The Welsh Government’s Business Wales service supports new and established businesses in Wales. Check out our search marketing article on the Business Wales website looking at how best to support your SEO activity.

Latest integrated PR and SEO news and tips

PR for SEO: how to attract quality links

PR for SEO: how to attract quality links

Link building is exactly what it sounds like – other websites providing a link to your own site. Studies have found that three quarters of users online never make it past the first page of search engine results, while on Google almost a fifth of organic clicks go to...

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Infographic: Use your PR to benefit your SEO

Infographic: Use your PR to benefit your SEO

The worlds of PR and SEO (search engine optimisation) are closer than ever, with each sector’s activity benefiting the other. For example, a piece of content placed by a PR agency on a valuable third party website, which links back, provides an incredible SEO boost....

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Expert commentary on PR and SEO

Our head of digital Anthony Bullick writes a four-weekly column for the business section in North Wales’ flagship title, the Daily Post.

His topics cover all aspects of digital PR including social media and integrated PR and SEO.

Search the phrases containing your business’ name that you think people will use to find your website. Your company’s website will likely be the number one search result, but what other sites appear below that? Google brings back content related to your business, good and bad, from a variety of other websites. This content includes online news, social media posts and blog posts.

Continue reading to find out how your PR activity can impact your reputation in the search engine.

Integrated PR and SEO infographic

The worlds of PR and SEO are closer than ever, with each sector’s activity benefiting the other. For example, a piece of content placed by a PR agency on a valuable third party website, which links back, provides an incredible SEO boost.

Our award-winning integrated PR campaigns make huge differences to businesses.

More businesses are attempting to merge their respective marketing disciplines and smashing away the silos that existed. To help, we’ve produced this handy infographic with our top five tips for linking your PR to your SEO.

Check out the integrated PR and SEO infographic.

Google Analytics training

The only way to maximise the return on your website investment is by interrogating and interpreting your Google Analytics.
You may receive PDF reports or look at the analytics directly, but chances are you are missing out on important, website-changing information.
There is more to your analytics than a pie chart showing that you had 5,000 visitors, and a line graph showing on what dates.

Find out more about our Google Analytics training.

“Outwrite increased our visibility in search engines for key phrases important to our business. More importantly, they increased enquiries via the website for products and services related to the search marketing campaign.”

Rachel Evans

Marketing Manager, Jackson Fire & Security

“The training will go a long way for us here at the charity in improving our online presence, our identity and ultimately public support and donations.”

Christina Hawkins

PR Manager, Wales Air Ambulance

SEO videos: tips and advice

Watch: How do I research keywords for SEO?

Derek talks about the best way to approach conducting keyword research as part of your SEO (search engine optimisation).

Understanding the phrases used by your customers and stakeholders when they search online is an important part of driving relevant traffic to your website.

Despite its importance, it is often an area that is overlooked or carried out incorrectly.

Derek reveals a common mistaken made by businesses when reviewing what key phrases to use and identifies other techniques such as PPC and Google Analytics.

Watch: Why has traffic to my site dropped?

Is your website not attracting the number of visitors it once did? Fear not – our head of search marketing Derek Booth is on hand with some sound advice.

Having been an internet marketer since before Google was born, Derek knows what matters when it comes to web traffic. Traffic may have dropped, but there’s no need to panic – it’s actually an opportunity to improve in the long-run.

 A trusted SEO agency


Integrated PR and SEO case study

Jackson Fire & Security specialises in fire and security solutions. Outwrite was tasked with enhancing the firm’s profile and reputation in and around the head office in North Wales.

Outwrite PR worked closely with Jackson Fire & Security’s marketing manager to devise and implement an integrated PR and SEO campaign. Our work included media relations, social media marketing, and SEO.

Read more about our award-winning integrated PR & SEO campaign.

Google Analytics training case study

The Wales Air Ambulance wanted to maximise the efficiency of its website to increase donations, enhance its reputation, attract more relevant visitors, and increase engagement with its community.

The air ambulance asked Outwrite to provide Google Analytics training to its in-house PR and marketing team.

Outwrite took time fully to understand what the Wales Air Ambulance wanted to achieve.  We then put together a tailored workshop to deliver against those objectives.

Review our bespoke Google Analytics training for the Wales Air Ambulance.

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