Derek Booth

Head of search marketing

Born and brought up in Wigan, Lancashire, Derek has specialised in internet marketing for more than seventeen years – almost since the discipline began.

After working as a computer programmer, he moved into developing and building websites. He then progressed into optimising websites, which led him to develop expertise in areas of online marketing including SEO (search engine optimisation), pay per click advertising, social media and affiliate marketing.

The level of his knowledge and experience gained over so many years means that Derek takes an holistic, strategic approach to client work.

Clients he has successfully worked for include national retailers, financial companies, banks, worldwide travel companies, property investment, local businesses and virtual businesses.

With his experience in small business operations and blue chip corporate, his knowledge is invaluable when dealing with projects at every level.

Derek is a Google Adwords Professional and has PASCAL programming certificates. At Outwrite, Derek contributes to online marketing and PR strategy. This includes directing and in some cases implementing optimisation and social media policies and tactics.

He also advises clients about improvements to their websites, sometimes working with the client’s web builders, to direct improvements and additions to client sites.

Our successes

“This additional marketing dimension is proving extremely effective in making the market place aware of our specialisms and bringing them to the attention of a wider audience than would be possible otherwise.”

Scott Hadden

Marketing Manager, Aaron & Partners LLP

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