The importance of images cannot be underestimated in PR, as people like pictures and pictures tell stories. To use the old but true adage: a picture says a thousand words.

Flick through any newspaper, magazine or news website and the stories with accompanying images are the ones most likely to catch your eye. A striking photo can make the difference between a story being published/broadcast or binned.

Including a strong image, whether it be of you, your team or a new product, with your press release will really help to grab a journalist’s attention.  It is likely to elevate your story above the dozens of others he or she will receive that day.

Tips to bear in mind:

  • Do some research and review the type of images that do well in your target media
  • Think about how the picture can tell the story eg  you’ve just launched a dog grooming business so send a photo of you with some combs and scissors and a cute dog
  • Send a picture of the person quoted in the press release
  • For print media send high-resolution shots only.  A minimum of 1MB will enable quality printing of the image
  • Stand behind the cameraman – is a lamppost sticking out of someone’s head, or is your carefully positioned poster/display board obscured?
  • Include a photo caption at the bottom of the press release that briefly explains what is going on in the photo and the full names of people featured (eg Sarah Smith, not Mrs Smith)