With changes to social media platforms occurring on a regular basis, we have launched a round-up service to bring you the latest news from the online world.

Even the smallest of updates can have big implications on your online activity.  Stay ahead of the game and don’t lose a step with your social media strategy thanks to our updates.

Our first Keeping You Posted blog focuses on the recent changes to Facebook and how these will affect your business page and its posts.

News Feed ranking just got smarter

The News Feed was originally designed so that a user could see important content with their friends’ updates.

However, the amount of updates shown as a result of an increased number of friends, groups and company pages has exploded. The knock-on effect is that a high volume of low quality posts fill up the News Feed, swamping the useful, important posts that a user really wants to see.

Facebook has now improved its Edgerank algorithm, a process similar to search engines such as Google, in an attempt to fill a person’s News Feed with content that is important to them.

One of the biggest signals Facebook’s algorithm uses is the interaction of a post.  The more people that engage with a post, by liking, sharing or commenting, the more chance it has of appearing in a News Feed.

The result? The importance of clever content that users engage with just got greater.

Images are bigger and wider

We always say that eye-catching visuals are vital to a successful social media strategy, and a recent change on Facebook has altered the way your images appear.

Facebook is now asking users to resize their images to a specific ratio, with all other images automatically resized.

The ratio is very specific: the width needs to be 1.91 times the height. Taking time to adjust the image accordingly means that it will appear perfectly in both the desktop News Feed and on mobile and tablet.

Images are also larger within the News Feed so will have a much greater impact if used correctly.

So what are the correct Facebook image sizes? On desktop it is 400px x 209px, while the mobile image should be 560px x 292px.

New and improved Page Insights

Page Insights are an invaluable part of your social media strategy.  They play a key role in analysing what works well on your Page.

Although they have been fairly limited before, an update has significantly changed the power of this free service.

The increase in Page likes, the reach of your post and general engagement are shown in graph form to track activity engagement.

The update also allows you to add benchmarks to monitor how well your Page performs over a specified period of time. Tip: use the benchmarks to test what types of content works and what times are best to post.

Ever wondered what time is best to post on Facebook? The update makes finding the answer a whole lot easier. The displayed data shows what days your fans are on Facebook and at what time.

Engagement stats also received a huge upgrade as social media pros can break the data down to show negative feedback and compare engagement between fans who already like your page against those who do not. Tip: the latter will help you see what posts attract what type of audience.