A Mold-based digital marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) expert has travelled to Canada to deliver a talk at an exclusive industry event.

Derek Booth, head of search marketing at Outwrite PR, was invited to the SEO Symposium in British Columbia to discuss and share his unique SEO methods.

SEO is a digital marketing technique that improves search engine rankings on sites including Google and Bing. It is used to ensure websites are easily found online.

The event, hosted by American entrepreneurs Josh Bachynski and Holly Starks, is an exclusive gathering of some of the most advanced SEO practitioners from across the world.

Derek’s talk was based on his practice of finding ‘keywords’ to use in SEO techniques, which helps him boost the performance of clients’ websites.

And his session impressed delegates as he revealed the unique techniques he has developed to obtain keywords.

Additionally, some of Derek’s techniques were featured inside leading Google expert and My Traffic Research founder Eric Lancheres’ Traffic Research program.

During the two-day event, Derek also, sat on expert Q & A panels and conducted consultations with fellow professionals.

Symposium organisers invited Derek after spotting his contributions and responses from peers on an online network of top international SEO names.

Now, Derek has been invited to speak to another annual gathering of global SEO experts, SEO Rockstars, in Las Vegas in November.

Derek said: “It was amazing to go over to Canada with the best SEO minds in the world, and I’m looking forward to doing the same at the SEO Rockstars conference in Las Vegas.

“The conferences are no ordinary business seminars – they’re very exclusive as we exchange highly guarded secrets of the trade to help each other and ultimately grow the industry.

“I’ve been working in SEO even before Google was launched, but I’m always looking to learn new things to keep Outwrite’s content marketing at the forefront of the discipline.”

Derek is a Google Adwords Professional and programmer. At Outwrite, he contributes to online marketing and PR strategy. This includes directing and in some cases implementing optimisation and social media policies and tactics.

He also advises clients about improvements to their websites, sometimes working with the client’s web builders, to direct improvements and additions to client sites.