The Outwrite team delivered talks on the modern-day PR industry to students as part of a university’s annual Creative Futures week.

Outwrite’s managing director Tracy North and head of digital Anthony Bullick visited Glyndwr University to present on PR and the media and brand journalism respectively.

Creative Futures is an employability event that takes students off their usual timetable to explore and network with industry professionals through a series of talks and workshops.

This year, Tracy and Anthony were invited to the Wrexham university to share their experiences in PR and journalism, as well as advise students on how to get into the industry.

Tracy’s presentation highlighted the changing nature of PR and the media, noting how the explosion of digital has impacted the relationship between the two.

She concluded her talk with the strong message that ‘the media isn’t dead – people just access its content differently’.

In one of the week’s final discussions, Anthony focused on the rise of brand journalism, and how it can benefit businesses.

He shared his experiences of working for businesses across the UK and explained what a good communications strategy looks like, and why it is vital for business success.

Tracy said: “Creative Futures is a fantastic initiative so we were more than happy to accept Glyndwr’s invitation.

“We’re grateful to have had the chance to visit the university and be able to share our experience of PR and journalism to the students.

“I wish them every success and hope to see some of them in the PR sector in years to come”.

The event followed on from Tracy being invited to speak to students at The University of Chester earlier in the year.

Outwrite’s clients include the Wales Air Ambulance, Jones Bros Civil Engineering Ltd, Jackson Fire and Security, Wynne Construction, and engineering, environmental, and planning consultants Caulmert.

The digital PR agency specialises in reputation management, social media, and search engine optimisation (SEO).